Can Dogs have Alcohol

Dogs and the dangers of alcohol

Can I Share a Beer with My Dog? If you’re sitting around wondering whether or not you should share a cold one with your dog, there’s a quick and easy answer to this conundrum: No, you shouldn’t give your dog beer. Or any alcohol for that matter. For those of you who are still around, …

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Cold Weather Safety for Dogs

Dog in the snow

Pet Safety for when the Weather gets Cold   Although much of our focus is on keeping pets safe from overheating inside a locked car, that does not mean those who live in cold areas don’t have anything to worry about as far as the temperatures are concerned. In fact, frigid weather can cause some …

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Dog Park Safety

Dog running at dog park

Make a Trip to the Dog Park a Safe One While you might love to see your dogs run around and play with other pups at your community dog park, taking them to one will require a fair amount of diligence to ensure your furry friends stay safe and that your pets enjoy themselves during …

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Seat Belts For Dogs

seatbelts for dogs

  Restraining Your Dog with a Harness as You Drive As dog lovers, we spend a lot of time wondering and worrying about what is best for our four-legged members of the family. We think about the food we are feeding them, the collars we have them wear, the length of the leash being used …

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Secondhand Smoke & Tobacco Dangers

dog smoking

The Dangers of Tobacco Products & Secondhand Smoke to Your Dog If you are a smoker, you have probably heard from countless people about how dangerous tobacco is to your health. You’ve certainly been told (or researched for yourself) just how much of an impact smoking can have on your lungs and heart, not to …

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Hiring a Pet Sitter

Pet sitter walking a dog

Things to Consider When Hiring a Pet Sitter Whether you go out of town often or only rarely get to take a vacation, one thing that makes planning travel a little trickier is being a dog owner. You know you can’t leave your pet alone in  your home for days on end, but you might …

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Living with an Older Dog

senior dog by lake

Living With an Older Dog Seeing your family’s best friend grow old can be a tough experience for a family. But for however difficult it might be on you just to watch it happen, your aging dog is going through a particularly rough time herself. As your pup gets older, there is a good chance …

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Puppy Proofing Your House

How to Puppy Proof Your Home Puppies, like their human counterparts (aka babies), aren’t not aware of the dangers around them. Because of that, those with a puppy in the house should take a few precautions to keep those adorable little balls of waddling fur safe. So whether you’re looking to get a new puppy …

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Should I Microchip My Dog

Microchip Implants for Pets and the Myths Surrounding them While there are some minor risks involved with having a microchip implanted in your dog, many of the downsides you’ll find online regarding problems with these chips are baseless, fabricated, exaggerated, or downright wrong. In this article, we will discuss some of the more prevalent lies …

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